Drum and Dance Amherst

Made it home OK this morning after last night’s revels.

Arrived in Amherst about 6:45pm, and parked near the Lord Jeffery Inn. Walked over to Panda East for moo shi chicken and conversation with twelve others at one of the big tables in the back. gave F his scarf, and our food was the longest-delayed, of course — we wound up not getting to Drum and Dance until 9:30, which I found somewhat irritating. Panda East was very busy, but we may have to find another restaurant if this keeps up — missing an hour and a half of D&D isn’t a whole lot of fun.

Delivered book to A, ‘s girlfriend. Enjoy Stormtroop Tactics, Tom. Met …. Steve? I’m not sure I’ve got that right, but her other significant other? Again, not clear on the degree of relationship here, but accepting, nonetheless. Delivered other book to Brendan — don’t know if he’s a livejournaler or not, but I hope he enjoys Njal’s Saga. Briefly discussed it with him at the end of the evening, when they were blinking the lights to get us out of the place… newly re-energized by the idea of going to Iceland. Maybe that will be our vacation, ? Or maybe not… volcanoes, glaciers and ruined medieval farms may not exactly be your thing. 🙂 Got a Japanese Album Molskine book, with the elongated fold out pages. I described a bit of the Book of Days and Kalenscant projects to her, but I’m interested in seeing how they work with it.

Saw Ro, but didn’t get much chance to chat with her. I think she was mad about that, but not much to be done. I’ll call her later today and see how she’s doing. Also spoke with Craig and J.W. and F at the gathering, but mostly tried to dance, and sing. I got We are earth dreaming beneath our feet that I came up with at the last D&D going after the middle-circle, and looked so powerful and radiant during it. She got to dance a beautiful dance with Ra, too! It was amazing.

Woke about 7:30, and indulged in a little morning cuddling with . I would have liked longer, but I had to be back at school. Despite the desire/need to get underway about 8:30, I actually left F&T’s house at 9:08 am, and got home about 10:30 to shoo the boys off dorm (who should have left fifteen minutes earlier). Showered, shaved, indulged in oatmeal after they were gone.

I should be working on student comments right now, or in formating the exam for Wednesday, or doing something school-related, but frankly I’m energized in different ways this morning, and I may just relax until after lunch. We’ll see what I can get done this afternoon and evening. Right now, even though I had a good night’s sleep and an amazing time at Drum and Dance, I may just sack out on the couch with a book about magic (maybe even F’s book about magic).

It somehow came up in the course of dinner last night that F’s book was in my bookbag, right behind F’s chair at the restaurant. He stared at me in something resembling horror and fascination. “You realize you’re carrying around the magical equivalent of nuclear material, there?” He glanced somewhat uneasily over his shoulder. In response I told him the story of Father Alexis and the icon of the holy Trinity, which seemed to mollify his fear somewhat. I said, “you don’t really think of your book as being a weapon, do you?” His response was interesting — “no, not most of the time.”

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  1. Hi there!

    His name is Jon – he’s on here. (and yes, he’s one of my other sweeties.)

    And I would have paid money to capture the look on his face when you lifted his feet off the ground. so! much! fun!


  2. Hi there!

    His name is Jon – he’s on here. (and yes, he’s one of my other sweeties.)

    And I would have paid money to capture the look on his face when you lifted his feet off the ground. so! much! fun!


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