E-mail Reduction Acts

After a desperate lobbying effort, I have managed to clear the bills from the top of the steps, the papers from my working bag, and most of the junk from my desk. I have also completed a heroic act to reduce the total number of e-mails that I have to deal with.

First, I closed my earthlink address. Between 4:30pm this afternoon and 6:30 pm, I received over 500 pieces of spam to that one address. The mailbox filled completely when I failed to empty it for three days over the Christmas holiday. So now I’m operating through only my school address and another which shall go unnamed here.

Second, I have managed to empty the legitimate e-mails in my e-mail in-box from over 120 to nine. I can’t throw away those last nine e-mails, because they deal with things I haven’t had a chance to respond to yet, or they announce events that haven’t happened yet. It’s still a great achievement for me, though. I like having an e-mail box with no scroll bars on the sides, and now it’s back to that point after months away from it.

If only I could keep my apartment that clean.

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