Exam Week Pre-trials

So… I was planning on getting another three days in on my classes, because my exam is a week from Saturday. I figured, a day for France, a day for England, a day for the Hundred Years’ War.

No go.

Turns out I’ve got students leaving early, and in an effort to “standardize” our response to students leaving early, we are giving an early history examination.

Which means that instead of giving one exam on Saturday, and failing the kids who don’t show up, like we used to do, I am now giving TWO exams, one on Monday afternoon, and one on Saturday. Which means instead of writing my exams and the relevant worksheets at some point this weekend or on Monday while everyone is in English exams, I have to do them tomorrow, or better yet tonight, so as to put review sheets in kids hands tomorrow.

Hrm. This is annoying.

Writing a review sheet for the way I teach history is by no means easy or simple. I hadn’t even settled on an exam format yet. Argh.

OK, this is just absurd.

The birthday party just arrived. Apparently it’s J’s birthday. I have cake! Candles! Balloons! DoRiTos! SODA! PPRREESSEENNTTS! for the birthday party at 8:30, when study hall ends.

So now I have to prep for a birthday party, correct twelve tests from Tuesday, correct eight four-page papers from today, write a couple of comments, proofread half a dozen comments, assign fourth marking period grades to the kids, write two exams two different ways, write review sheets suitable for both those exams, and talk to two different sets of frantic parents, all in the two hour window between dinner and 8:30. Because after 8:30, the dorm will be a zoo.

I hate the end of term. Really, I do.

I haven’t done any work on NaNoWriMo in six days. I haven’t had time.

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