Grace for School

It turns out I’m saying grace at the Parents’ Weekend Dinner tonight.

I don’t know where our regular chaplain is…but here’s the grace I use on such occasions.

Look and see how the tables now are spread,
And how the flatware gleams at every place.
Let us bless the Lord who gives us daily bread,
Filling every day with bounty and grace.
We bless him for the forests and the fields,
The sun that shines by day, and moon by night,
And Mother Earth, whose fertility yields
All manner of good things for our delight.
We bless the Lord, too, for family and friends,
Those far away and gathered in this hall;
And help us with our foes to make amends,
Recalling the needs of others, as well.
Yes, we praise the Lord for every good thing,
And let our Amen make the rafters ring.

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