Haiku Death Match — Falls

sturdy, constant sound
thunder echoing off cliffs
gravity still works

everyone says, “trust”
waits in double line to catch,
but can I trust me?

Lucifer on high
feathered wings burning, flesh seared
still has far to go…

tight in a barrel
he feels the river speed up
waits for weightlessness

blue Earth below them
astronauts gently tumble
in their cans of air

Buddy went to jail
he used to be the mayor
he might be again.

stumble over stones
skinned elbows and bloody knees
and twisted ankle

perfect slide on rail
down four flights of concrete steps
imperfect dismount

gold medal in hand
but winning score rescinded
athlete plays the fool

Kremlin archivists
carefully airbrush a face
out of their pictures.

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