Long-ass day

So… today’s laundry list of things I did…

t’ai chi (on the lawn outside my building), 6am
wrote 3 pages
woke dorm
breakfast, 7am
inspected rooms
chatted with kids about grades
wrote to a parent
assembly, 8am
covered detention
met with boss
made worksheets for class
invented an alphabet (not very good)
discussed problem student, 9am
covered detention
talked to student about wrestling in hallways
preached to whole school in chapel, 10am
played chess
talked to boss again
planned mock election
got chosen as registrar of voters
designed registration form
looked up Connecticut’s Guilty Party
read 30 pages of Dune
Tutored a boy for 40 minutes, 11am
met with boss
talked to irate parent
calmed irate parent down
lunch, 12 noon
taught medieval history class
taught ancient history class
wrote 30 haiku, 1pm
taught writing class, 2pm
visited with boss re: difficult student
took outdoor program off campus 3pm
climbed around on rocks.
returned to campus 4pm
found student with gashed-open leg
persuaded student to let me see wound
saw tendon sheaths for first time
took student to infirmary, 5pm
took student to urgent care at hospital.
Waited, 6pm
waited, 7pm
waited, 8pm
Watched leg get stitched
Waited for paperwork to be completed
got home, 9pm
discovered waiting livery car
found missing student
connected student with livery car
visited colleague re: difficult colleague from other entries
ate some food, drank some tea
wrote this list,
bed. Now.

And just think. This is the day that I’m off duty after dinner. Dinner was three hours late, but I’m still off duty after dinner… 😉

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