Hustling and Hassling

OK… after much fussing and fiddling, I have pretty much finished my White Wolf assignment. I am going to give it a read-through in the morning, make any last-minute changes, and send it in.

While fussing and fuming today, I disassembled my bookshelves. This was not an easy task, since I have approximately a hundred feet of book shelves. This is one of those projects I’ve been meaning to do all year, because when I moved in two years ago, I was in a rush, and I forgot to install a critical pair of braces. As a result, the bookshelves have been leaning against the west wall of the building, in addition to leaning slightly into the room because the floor is uneven. So, first I had to remove 98% of the books from the shelves, take some of them apart and install the appropriate braces, and then reload the shelves.

This time I was smart. As I returned books to the shelves, I organized them. So there is now a clear gaming section, a clear poetry section, clear ancient and medieval history sections, hardback fiction, graphic novels, softcover fiction, art books, science and technology, and junk. I also did a significant amount of weeding, so that I managed to squeeze two shelves of junk off of the shelves and into the garbage cans.

The library reorganization project is not yet complete. There are two shelves — ok, three — of junk which still need to be sorted through. And I’m sorry to see how many blank books I have. Someone stop me from buying more blank books, damn it. I have to fill some before I’m allowed to buy any more, or I have to give them away.

I think the fact that I was able to do this in between bouts of revisions on the computer, and only since I came home from Worcester about 1pm, says something about how I deal with impending deadlines.

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