Good reading, poor writing…

despite the morning’s writing exercises, I got almost nothing done on the WW assignment today. Fewer than a thousand words, alas.

On the other hand, I read through the rough drafts of four books that WW hasn’t published yet. They are rough drafts, unfortunately, and it’s clear they need work. But now I have what I need to plough through the last 5,100 words I need to write.

I was hoping to put in another 500-1,000 words tonight, but I’m brain-fried at this point. My mind is drifting into game subjects having nothing at all to do whatsoever with WW or E at all.

I’m tempted to go pick up Forrest’s book and begin my second reading. But instead of doing something insane like that, I think I’ll just go to bed. I’m wiped right now. and , if I’m not around for t’ai chi in the morning — particularly if it’s cloudy, misty, or raining, you’ll know why. How’s your new carpet?

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