Buying a Car


‘s birthday party, in Worcester, MA — 24 July 2004, 6pm to midnight!

1 Ekman Street
Worcester, MA

@ The Village Arts Center.

Looking for a DJ for 10pm to midnight, otherwise we’ll be running shorter than planned (have to stop drumming at 10pm)

Minor entry fee: $3 to the DJ, $2 to the space, and some canned food items for FANS WITH CANS, a non-profit food-raising group, to be given to the local food pantry.

I bought a car. I probably won’t actually have the car until Friday, but still, I bought a car.

will testify — I’m a little giddy, and feeling a bit moronic about it, but I’m also pretty happy about it.

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    • You’ll just have to wait and see. I haven’t actually taken delivery yet, so it’s not a done deal yet.

      It is a type of Toyota.

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