Late Night…

and I had a sweet day. We got up late, had a nice breakfast at the VBC, and hung out by the pool. In the evening, we went to the Shakti feature at the Java Hut in Worcester. The ladies were very, very good, but we both started to get tired at 9:15, just as they were ending, and we knew we had a lot of travel ahead of us. I drove to her workplace in Boston right after the feature ended, followed by a quick drive to her place to pick up my stuff from Friday. Then I left her there, to come back to my place, arriving here on the hill at 12:24 or so. Tomorrow, in theory, I’m sleeping in late before I drive down to my parents’ place for the next few days.

The cat is still vomiting. This is not good. I may go to the animal hospital again in the morning, and see what they have to say about that. He’s also not happy to be living, these days. I hope he gets over that.

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