History Exam today..

1.) Explain how Europe’s industrialization in the 1800s contributed both to Imperialism and the horrors of World War I. Use the case of steel production or the textile industryin your answer.

2.) Who was Confucius, and what did he teach? Why were his teachings so important to Han-dynasty China?

3.) When Octavian Augustus Caesar established the Principate in 27 BC, he did so by sharing power with some, appearing to share power with others, and refusing power to still another group. Explain how the Principate worked using specific examples from your primary reading.

The three questions above are from my actual examinations that I’m giving this spring. The first question is for seventh graders. They’ll do all right. The second question is for sixth graders, and they’ll probably do poorly. The third question is for my ninth graders, and they’ll do all right or be wrecked, depending entirely on how much they’re ignoring their exams before graduation on Sunday.

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