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I have two weeks until the end of school, and I’m stressed. I have 60 comments to write, three exams to make up, nine final term papers to correct and grade, and thirty pounds to lose. Forty would be better, or even fifty. The food at school has gotten really crappy, and I can’t eat to my diet plan any more, at least not without having bad food all the time. Tonight’s ribs are not settling well, either; and of course, on a night when I have more stuff to do than the average schmuck, they’ve shortened study hall. Wednesday we’re all trooping off to a minor league baseball game. Guess who’s been touched to drive one of the buses? Oh, and we’re only having three periods on Thursday. How the hell am I supposed to finish my review with my students when I haven’t got enough time left to finish the review? Exams start Monday, people! Aieeeeeee!

There, rant concluded. I feel better now. Except for the ribs.

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