Quick Update Part II

I’m so on duty this weekend it’s not even close to funny. I’ve gone camping, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, bridge-building, owl-watching, ghost-story-telling, digeridoo-playing, drum-banging, round-in-the-woods-running, pizza-eating, tree-climbing, s’mores-making, student-counseling, and all the driving in between in the last 48 hours. And I’m not even done yet. There’s still tomorrow to get through.

Dinner is in 20 minutes. Then it will be film-watching, followed by dorm-watching, and lights-out enforcing at 11pm. Tomorrow there will be Church-attending followed by Six-Flags school trip chaperoning in Agawam. If you want to see me tomorrow, that’s where I’ll be from roughly noon to six.

Oh, and ? I’m kinkier than you know. Sure, I go to Grand Opening in Brookline and buy only postcards… but hey, I can get a hard-on in a PaperSource or Kate’s Paperie store. You don’t know the erotic power of a beautiful sheet of hand-made paper, or a well-made postcard….

Speaking of which, I found this meme…

1. Masturbate in May, for National Masturbation Month.
2. Post this in your LiveJournal or other online diary.

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