I’m at someone else’s computer

Above the computer there is a portrait of a seahorse, surrdouned by various fishes, and a demon-like thing in the background spewing gastly red-orange light. To the right of that is a framed Absolut ad, Absolut Doohan. There’s a vague sense of human bodies crammed into the familiar bottle on a stage with a glittering curtain. Beside that are two photo collages. There is a red sequined frog sitting atop the monitor.

A variety of papers crowd the desk. Each is in its proper place, and yet the desk looks cluttered. A dental appointment card is held in a third-hand clip just below the monitor. There’s a pair of headphones, a printer, a roll of tape, and a tube of stacking makeup. To the left of the keyboard is a jar of pens and pencils, with a pair of asian calligraphy brushes rising out of the center. There are two pairs of scissors. Friskars, I can tell by the handles. A polished geode that has been transformed into an unused ashtray. Four eyebolts. Two postcards of bondage models. A homemade CD from an up-and-coming DJ out west. Three mini-camcorder tapes, carefully unlabeled. Another third-hand holds cards with the names of doctors, and a phone number without a name. A quotation is taped below a print of intertwining geckos — The Beauty of a Woman with passing years — only grows.

To do list in front of me. Taxes online. garters and lace, Burning Man, Job sc. Accid. The rest is obscured by other papers. I wonder what on this list will get done.

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  1. […] Another’s Desk: Back in 2004, when I was still writing over at LiveJournal, I apparently penned this entry at someone else’s desk.  Surrounded by the bric-a-brac of their life and activities, I tried to do mine.  It’s a useful reminder to me that my life is not anyone else’s, and I can’t expect that I’m teaching my students to grow up to lead the kind of life that I do.  Quite the contrary, I hope that 90% of my students grow up to be something other than middle school teachers.  I’m preparing them to do almost anything else, as are most of us.  What that life looks like is radically different, and it shows in what’s around this desk. […]

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