Weight Update

So I haven’t lost any more weight, but right now I’m wearing a pair of size 36 jeans. OK. They’re a little on the tight side. But they’re not indecently tight, like they would have been a few months ago. Or totally too small, like a year ago.

My goal is to have them fit properly and easily by high summer. I think that this can happen. I know that I have the willpower to make it happen.

I’m going to Canada in the morning on a school field trip. I’ll be back late Friday, and then regular classes start Monday. Herding twenty kids around Montreal and Quebec is not shaping up to be a good time. Thanks to an issue with my bank, my ATM card does not work. They’ve issued a replacement card, which was supposed to arrive Friday. Unfortunately, it didn’t, and I still have no way to get at my february salary payout other than with a check. Hmm. This is not the most convenient way to pay for things in Canada.

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