Second Day of Class

Today is the only day that I’m actually on duty after the school day and sports ends. It’s nice to think that tomorrow I have fencing classes, and probably pho for dinner at Pho Dalat. I love pho. It was really nice to discover I could eat it, even being Atkins boy.

Weight has started dropping again, now that I’m doing the appropriate diet thing again, and not eating chocolate any more.

(Phoenix) gave me a link to this site: Bush in 30 Seconds. It’s a series of political ads that are 30 seconds long, and a panel of celebrity judges will choose the best one in a couple of days, in theory to be shown on TV. I wonder how successful they’ll be, getting them on TV. I bet they won’t be able to get them shown on Fox.

Talking about Greek geography and Minoan society in two of my classes today. Greece, in geographic terms, is a series of islands — little polities surrounded by mountains or water, isolated from their neighbors politically, but culturally joined by a common language and a common religio-cultural millieu. Should be fun. In the third, we’re talking about Lutheranism, and the dangers of joining politics and religion. In fencing, we’re going to be doing feint-deceive (politics again!?), and parry-riposte. Sometimes my days are just a little skewed.

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