The Crown of Alba

Some of Garman’s men came forth, bearing two bound chests,
huge strong-boxes bound with iron and bronze,
and secured with heavy padlocks and hasps of steel
forged in the bright charcoal flame of a master smith.
The hinges, too, were well-forged and immoveable.
Avren took up his sword, that well-crafted weapon,
and cut the hinges open, forced them off each box,
to display the crown of Alba, so long hidden.
Here lay the circlet, in a box of fine rosewood,
cradled in crimson samite shot with golden threads.
Twenty oak leaves dipped in molten gold formed the rim,
and each was crusted with tiny bits of gemstones:
Ruby and topaz brought Fall’s colors to the crown
and elsewhere, Spring glowed in glittering emeralds,
and seven stars of bright diamond shone from the brow.

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