Podcast: Delphi and the Pythia

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A number of years ago, I did a group of podcasts for my students on various themes in ancient Greek history.  This one, about the Oracle of Delphi and the Pythia, was one of the longer ones, about 7 minutes.

Something came up elsewhere today that made me realize that someone out there might have use of it. And so I have posted it, so that I have a URL to point to.

Greek Ceramics

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Slideshows, otherwise known as “magic lantern shows” in the 1800s, were a great way of communicating what the rest of the world looks like to an audience stuck in one place. Travel is broadening, they say, and even looking at a set of themed slides of images (as opposed to text) is a great way of communicating.

Somehow this slideshow of mine over at Slideshare.net racked up over 2000 views without my noticing it. It’s one of those things that turns out to be useful to a lot of people — far more than any philosophizing I’ve done here. Maybe we should be doing more to create categories, and categorizing images, so that these information sets can be shown in schools, rather than just lecturing at our kids.

Exam Review

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I still have to give a final exam, and this year it’s last in the rotation, which means that I have to grade them and turn in the grades in about 45 minutes.  So my examination is a lot simpler than usual.  I made these two review slidedecks to help my students prepare more effectively and clearly.

I don’t much like giving final examinations — either designing them or giving them or grading them.  But I do feel like creating these slide shows gives me a good handle on what I want them to study, without spoon-feeding answers.

First Slideshow on Alexander the Great

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Forgot to put this in… retroactively editing my blog to put it in the right place: