Consulting & Tutoring

I am a rhetorical coach and a tutor; and I provide consulting services in MakerSpace design and development to schools, libraries and other institutions.

Public Speaking Coach

I coach business people, professionals and executives in public speaking skills. I spent twenty years in the classroom, helping students become better thinkers.  I also spent six years as a middle school debate team and Moot Court coach, and I’ve achieved a high level of excellence in Toastmasters as a club president, secretary, treasurer, and public speaker.  I can help your company — or you — become a better public speaker or presenter in a short period of time.


If you live in the Connecticut River Valley between Hartford, CT and Greenfield, MA, and you are in need of tutoring, that’s a service that I can provide (west and east of the Connecticut river is negotiable).

Some of my services as a tutor can include:

  • Helping people become better readers and writers
  • Helping you develop better study skills and organizational habits
  • Helping you become a better editor and proofreader
  • Helping you become a more effective thinker and planner.

In general, I provide an initial assessment on organization and study skills in an hour and a half, for $150.  Thereafter, additional services are $60/hour, with additional premiums for ‘cram work’ before a major examination or standardized test.


I helped launch one of the first school-based MakerSpaces in New England, and probably the first in Connecticut.  My own skills are increasingly developed in sewing, quilting, and other fiber arts — but I also have carpentry and painting skills.  This means that I can help a school develop a theatrical tech and design program that can help amplify its existing theater performance program, for example.

  • Does your school or library want a MakerSpace?
  • Are you worried that a lot of expensive equipment will languish unused?

I can help you navigate those kinds of challenges, and help your institution design and build a MakerSpace that speaks to the needs and skills of your community, and the technical capacities you want to develop.