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IMG_7311I am available for hire.

Before striking out as a Maker, magician, poet, artist, educator, and consultant — I spent about twenty years teaching in middle schools and running programs in summer camps.  I’ve taught a diverse array of subjects — American and world history, graphic design, environmental science, computer programming, Latin language, carpentry, design, drawing, geometry, English literature, creative writing, and more.

I’ve guided individual teachers on how to be more effective in the classroom.  I’ve worked with school teachers and administrators to design more effective learning experiences for their students.  I’ve coached non-profit organizations to achieve leadership and service goals more effectively.

I’ve done this through one-on-one coaching, and through workshops for up to a hundred people, and as a keynote speaker for even larger audiences.  I can provide a lot of value in a lot of circumstances and in a good many formats.

Public Speaking

I’m a capable speaker, with the capacity to speak on a variety of topics — teaching, learning, usually education-related — for periods of time from 20 minutes to about an hour.  I’m available in New England states quite easily and on short notice; farther afield requires travel expenses and more notice.  I’m a member of Toastmasters International, club #5908, as well, and I hold the ACS and ALB awards within that organization.

I’ve spoken to and run workshops for:

  • CAIS (Connecticut Association of Independent Schools)
  • Toastmasters (District 53 [New England])
  • NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges)
  • EarthSpirit’s Feast Of Lights

One-on One Coaching

Are you running a MakerSpace in your school, library, or other institution? Suffering from competence anxiety (can I really do this? Should I be running this program?)? Trying to get others involved? Hoping to build out your program to be a more effective MakerSpace? Wanting to know more about how to make your MakerSpace successful? Contact me.

Institutional Consulting

Are you an administrator, trying to decide if you should start a MakerSpace in your institution? The answer is probably yes, but let me help you make the evaluation.  Using proven methods, tested research, extensive reading, and field experience, I’ll walk you through the issues you should be thinking about, from personnel and staffing to insurance and training. Contact me.

MakerSpace Development

Have you decided to build a MakerSpace in your institution? Galled by the price tag? Already have a MakerSpace but thinking about an upgrade? This is an advanced version of one-on-one coaching — but I’ll come and help you design and build your MakerSpace, probably at a fraction of your planned cost. Contact me.

Staff-level Maker Training

Have a MakerSpace?  Is it not used as much as you or your institution would like?  How do you change that?  How do you rethink your professional development program so that your whole staff develop the kinds of hands-on skills that MakerSpaces will create and improve in your clientele, whether students, library patrons or others? Contact me.


I have a range of workshops that I offer, as well.


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