Gold Medals

  1. Animation-ish, by FableVision.
  2. Evernote by the Evernote Corp.

I feel it’s important to say why I decided to give Evernote the second gold medal I’ve awarded on this website.  This past week, I needed to make a trophy for school.  I made the template for the award plaque on my computer at home, and uploaded it into Evernote.  Then I went to the trophy supply store (I’d never been there before), and asked for the trophy I’d seen on their website.  They showed me some samples, and then I sent them the .pdf of the model from my mobile phone’s Evernote examination. The trophy turned out exactly as I needed it to be.  The ability to swap documents, and reach them anywhere, has been a real blessing, and this is the clearest, most recent example.

Silver Medals

  1.  Squishy Circuitsby Kristin Fontichiaro and AnnMarie P. Thomas.
    Squishy Circuits is a book, that’s part of the 21st Century Skills Innovation Library.  I like the book a lot, although I think it’s a little thin with exercises and forms of play.  It’s got some interesting potential, though, and it taught me a great deal about electronics in about half an hour of playing around with the resulting conductive and insulating doughs.  I also got a chance to teach six of my colleagues to play around with it, and I think that there’s some excellent future learning and teaching that we get to do with this material.


Bronze Medals

  1. IdeaPaint, from — I’m moving Idea Paint from a Gold Medal to a Bronze medal because they haven’t sent me any yet. Even though I ordered and paid for it.  It’s still a brilliant idea, but customer service is iffy here.

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