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TeachPaperless: Hire Geeks

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I want teachers who are curious, experimental, sophisticated, and engaged. ‘Lifelong learner’ sounds like someone taking a woodshop class at the retirement home. What we really need is to be recruiting more geeks. I’m talking about folks who don’t have to be ‘trained’ in using technology. I’m talking about people who live and breathe social […]

Twenty-Three Things — activity 19: Twitter in Education


I’ve challenged some of my colleagues to take the 23 Things challenge to become more invested in online learning this summer. This website includes a 10-week game plan for learning some online learning and presenting methods that are useful for teachers, and that are appropriate activities for the age group we teach. There are other […]



Shelly has a post back from December 8th about how there are 10 modern technology items that he’d like to replace with older tools.  One of the tools on his list is a thermostat. This on is on my list too, curiously enough. Because back in early November, my house was without power for four […]

Black Monday Thoughts

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Shelly Blake-Plock has an interesting post from last week, titled Black Friday Thoughts, which I didn’t get to read until today. Go read it.  I’ll wait. I answered with a comment, which you can find there if you want to… or you can wait, and come back here, and read it after:

Real. Not Virtual.

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Loom with work in progressOriginally uploaded by anselm23 On Sunday this past weekend, I went over to my friend Matt’s house, and we built this loom. He had the carpentry tools and skills, and I had the need and desire for a small hand loom (the one in the second grade classroom was broken). We […]

Jing and the New Critique


For years, I’ve been laboriously slaving over student papers, trying to read the often-terrible handwriting; to interpret the sense of my student’s mind; and then try to get 1-3 recognizable sentences out of a paragraph of mess. The wiki this year improved matters substantially.  For the first two thirds of the year, I just had […]

Shelly’s Suggestion


Shelly‘s comment on yesterday’s entry about writing reminded me that essay-writing is one of those things that you have to teach and reteach and revise your reteaching on a regular basis.  (Maybe I needn’t worry, though, as Stephen Downes points out — comparing writing across generations is difficult.) So I made the slide-show below this […]

Paperless for Earth Day

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Shelly Blake-Plock has created a digital pledge sheet for us teachers to promise to go Paperless for Earth Day, April 22. You can sign the Google Doc here.  And you can see Stephen Katz’s wiki on the subject of paperlessness here.

Digital Textbooks? No.


Shelly Blake-Plock, in a recent article, argues that we don’t really need digital textbooks any more than we needed paper textbooks. He’s right.  We need kids to be familiar with primary sources far more than we need textbooks.  One of his commenters argues that it will be a long time before parents, students, teachers and […]

Edublogs Nomination

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So… thanks to Bryan Jackson’s nomination and Shelly Blake-Plock‘s endorsement, I seem to be a semi-demi-hemi-finalist in this year’s Edublogger Awards brouhaha. Thank you, gentlemen. I didn’t even know there were awards until I was nominated.  In Category 10: Best Teacher Blogs.  I read about four of my colleagues on the list. That’s important.  We’re […]

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