Yarn-cake winder: step one

I began working on the yarn winder today. There is no point in waiting to let the skills you just practiced, rust. So I got started right away. 

 The first thing was to trim down a large sheet of half-inch plywood into the rough sizes of the major parts. Some of these parts are arranged in pieces that must then be glued and clamped together to form laminated pieces. Among these is the spindle for the yarn to be wound onto. Another is the winding base.  The shape of these individual parts make them unlikely to be produced by cutting a block of wood to the right shape. But getting the shape of the pieces correct with my scroll saw is equally difficult. I find myself wondering, which of these mistakes will be the one that causes the overall machine to fail?

Overall I remain impressed with the quality of Mr. Boyer’s parts design. I have a clear sense of what the parts are, where they fit in the overall model, and why they are the shape they are. He’s a good designer of such things. It also encourages me to believe that I can complete one of his clocks, too. 

There are considerably more parts in this project than in the yarn swift.  I think there were a total of eleven wooden parts in the yarn swift. I think there are over sixty in this project though I haven’t counted. They get bolted together and glued together and some are meant to float freely on a spindle. I’m genuinely concerned about whether I can make this work correctly. I hope I can, but i don’t know.  

Next up: trimming all of the pieces to the correct size, and then assembly.

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