Design: Belgian secret binding 

Making one book is easy. Making several is hard. A lot of things go wrong when you make a few books. Threads break.  Paper tears. Glue dries faster in the summer heat than you think it should. And it turns out that this design of book works better with an even number of holes in the quires or signatures than an odd number.

But it took making four books to figure out some of the things that go wrong.

The string that I used for binding the cover is ok. It’s not great. It’s not bad. But neither is it the best material — and it turns out that this binding involves a lot of strings pressing against one another and sliding over one another. So using waxed thread instead of un-waxed thread next time would be a good idea.

And it’s also interesting to make three blank notebooks exactly the same way: same covers, same binding, same internal pages. Even so there’s a great deal of variation. None of the three books have the same number of pages. There are a range of small variations even though I was trying to make all three of the owl books the same way.

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