31 Days of Magic: Completed

Here are links to the full 31 Days of Magic posts, completed in January 2016

A lucet, or braiding fork, with white cord being woven into a thicker, square braid.
  1. Candles
  2. Petition Papers
  3. Anoint Self With Oil
  4. Charge an Item of Jewelry
  5. Cord Magic
  6. Charge an item of clothing
  7. Poppet or doll magic
  8. charge a crystal or a stone
  9. Use a single herb or flower (done on January 12)
  10. Brew a potion (done on Jan. 11)
  11. Use a specific color as the focus [done on Jan. 9]
  12. Use a seal (e.g., of Solomon) [done on Jan. 10]
  13. Use an item from an animal
  14. Create a talisman (Jan. 14)
  15. Use a box in a spell (Jan. 15)
  16. Use something combustible (written Jan. 17 — see day 29 below for Jan. 16)
  17. Have a magical bath (Jan. 28)
  18. Create an elemental/servitor (Jan. 18)
  19. Use Tarot/Playing Cards (Jan. 19)
  20. Create a sigil (Jan. 20)
  21. Create a jar spell (Jan. 21)
  22. Sex Magic (Jan. 22)
  23. Lay a powder somewhere (Jan. 23)
  24. Use a mirror in a spell (Jan. 24)
  25. Create a magical incense (Jan. 25)
  26. Chalk a sigil/sign somewhere (Jan. 26)
  27. Use a found object in a spell (Jan. 27)
  28. Create a mojo hand (Jan. 29)
  29. Use some “personal concerns” (written/lost/rewritten Jan. 16)
  30. Cook a magical meal (Jan. 31)
  31. Free Day — choose your own! (Jan. 30)
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  1. Well done sir! Don’t you love the feeling of accomplishment when you wrap up a cool project like this?

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