July Search Term Roundup

Here’s the top several searches that came to my blog in July 2015.  First of all, Google is encrypting more and more of their traffic, so unless you, O visitor, leave me a comment, I have no idea what you came for. But, here’s what the few unencrypted searches were:

  • magical tattwas pdf — My tattwas cards are apparently pretty popular.
  • libra decan 2 — Thanks to Austin Coppock’s book, I got interested in the Decans, a set of thirty-six images and astrological sub-sets of the Zodiac, which are used in horary astrology and in electional astrology.  I use them as training tools for poetry and for artistic expression.  This is the material for Libra’s Second Decan
  • moleskine, organization system — I created a system of organization for my Moleskine notebooks ( I tend to use ones with grids in them), which makes it easier to organize individual pages by topic.  It’s based on other peoples’ systems, though, who probably do it better.
  • learning geomancy —  I have a fair number of resources here about both teaching and learning geomancy, and I keep meaning to do more. Mind you, this is Western-style geomancy, which I think is derived from Ifa by way of Islam and Reconquista-era Spain.  Geomancy is one of the divinatory arts, like Tarot, and it also seems to form the basis of early thinking about Binary Numbers, which means that teaching it to people is a great way to introduce them to concepts of binary mathematics and 4-bit bytes of information. 
  • encouragement essay — I’ve written a lot of encouragement essays over the years, like this one and this other one about MakerSpaces, and this one about Writing, and this one about Sketchnoting.
  • import wiccan holidays into google calendar — Yeah, I did a Google Pagan Calendar.  It appears to continue to work, despite it now being several years old. Stable code, imagine that!
  • how to draw a tree of life the Tree of Life diagram, found in Taoism and in Kabbalah, is a system of geometry made up of a line with four intersecting circles. Their intersection points become the Sephirot of Kabbalah, and the Categories of Aristotle.  I tend to treat them as ten habits of mind for my students.
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