Tai Chi Y3D172: Ward Off Left

I did forty push-ups this morning.  I realized that the only way to do 20 good push-ups was to push myself beyond my normal limits, and do more than I really felt ready for. So I doubled down on my earlier commitments, and did twice as many.  You know what I got? Twenty push-ups, no stopping; and two more sets of ten.  My arms were sore, but I broke through a limitation this morning.  Will it last? Maybe yes, maybe no.  This is how you move forward.

Today’s movement is a return to Ward-Off Left. I last visited this movement on Day 128 — 44 days ago.  At the end of Fair Lady Works Shuttles 4I step forward and establish this position — weight balanced between left/front and right/back feet, the left arm up with palm facing in to form a sphere of defense between me and a theoretical opponent, right hand pressing down alongside my leg with palm parallel to floor.  How do I get there?

Turn right toes clockwise, with weight on the left
and then shift the weight to that right front sole.
Step through with the left foot, without much lift:
and press out with the left hand, to keep whole
the opening where your chi will expand:
that sphere of space that floats before your core
between the sternum and your outstretched hand.
Right hand guards too, parallel to the floor:
Find a balance point between back and front,
with your right hand blocking the tailbone’s tip.
Remember: this is a block, and not blunt
force applied to your foe, nor should you grip;
instead stop the force of the rushing charge—
make space for yourself, and your ground enlarge.

I don’t know if that makes sense or not. There’s thirteen moves left, though: ward off right, roll back, press, push, single whip, snake creeps down, step to the seven stars, ride the tiger, windmill kick, bend the bow, double punch, left-hand push, close. I’m so close to the end I feel like I can taste it.

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