Tai Chi Y3D132: Single Whip

So-so practice today. I was not feeling the best last night, and I have a dentist appointment to go to this morning, which I should leave for, shortly. I may not finish this poem until later today.

Hands stay still. All weight shifts from front to back,
and when the right foot’s light, inward it turns,
pointing to the left. Arms are somewhat slack,
as hips start to twist.  Upper trunk returns
in line with lower. Arms follow where led,
but with left arm straightened and right arm bent.
Shift weight to right foot, and lighten your tread
with the left. Spike right fingers to what’s meant
by “Buddha’s teacup” — and put a saucer,
the left hand, under.  Then explode both hands,
open the whole body: slow, but fiercer
as right fist balances and left arm lands
striking with shoulder, then elbow, then wrist,
last the hand’s grip —  all pure movement, not list.

Meh.  Not pleased with this, though I’ve been pecking at it on and off all day.  I was happy with my morning’s practice, but the poem never quite gelled. Part of it was that there wasn’t really a moment when I thought, “oh, I know how to explain the whole movement in 14 lines and seven rhyme-systems.” I feel like this movement is too complicated for this style of poem.  Maybe when I return to this movement in the next couple of weeks, I’ll have a better idea how to explain it again.

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