Tai chi Y2D289: time slows down

One of the things that’s hard to talk about is the way that time slows down when you’re doing tai chi. Today I thought I was doing the work very slowly — attentive to breath and posture and all the rest. And the tai chi form still only took five minutes. So I thought, wow, that’s not really long enough. So I did it again, even more carefully and slowly. And this time it took four minutes.

Which made me mad. So I did it a third time, being really careful this time. Four minutes again. Argh!

I gave up. Today, tai chi just seemed to hang in space and time as a three to five minute movement cycle or sculpture. And I wasn’t going to be able to change that. So be it. Sometimes you just can’t change the shape of the work as it’s been given to you, no matter how much you try. Give in to the energy of your practice. Tomorrow will be another way, and it will be the same but different all over again.

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