Tai chi Y2D270: hip trouble

During one of my toe touches this morning, there was a deep twinge in the muscles around my hip, as though I pulled a muscle. I’m not aware of any particular challenges in this area of my body, but it was both painful and blessedly short-lived. It also didn’t repeat.

Because of this, I moved a bit more gingerly through the remainder of the form, not wishing to hazard a second time. It didn’t reappear, which is good, but my practice suffered a bit, I think, from the appearance of pain in the practice.

In general, tai chi assumes that pain is no gain. If you feel pain from doing the form, it means something is being done wrong. I wonder what I did wrong, or if this is a systemic problem of some kind, or if it was a very temporary condition.

We’ll find out tomorrow.

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    • It appears to be a combination of temporary glitch and systemic problem — I carry my wallet in my back right pocket, and I shouldn’t — tis mis-aligning my spine over time.

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