Tai Chi Y2D258: Happy Thanksgiving

There is a parking lot next to my house that is always empty. There are never any cars parked in it. Today, there is a lone loud man loudly talking in the middle of the lot, apparently to no one. It’s a very earnest, loud conversation, and he’s got a lot on his mind. He doesn’t appear crazy, and he appears to be getting stuff done.

Yesterday I noted that it was the Golden Pheasants and following that seemed to be e place where I regularly speed up, before slowing down as I come out of Fair Lady Works Shuttles. I made a deliberate effort to slow down for this section, resting for a four-count on each of the Golden Pheasants themselves, before going into, and pausing, on each of the kicks. The same four-count on bounce the baby, and again on cloud hands and the spiral single whip.. At the end, I double-checked my time for all of that care and attention to slowing down. I’d been so careful to note my starting time for the form; this should be quite revealing, I thought.

12 minutes. Which means I sped up somewhere else, and finished in almost exactly the same amount of time as I did yesterday. Argh.

Better luck next time.

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  1. LOL! Sometimes it seems that the body wants what the body wants. I wonder about the guy… maybe what he’s talking to is really there, just not “there” for those in the “real” world? It’s a conundrum… most traditional peoples drew their shamans from the segment of the population that we would call diagnosably mentally ill. But who’s to say they don’t just have access to a different dimension than we do? I have a girlfriend who has a son who was diagnosed with a mental illness after a pretty severe breakdown. When he is having or near to having an incident, he is extremely psychic about people and events around him. It’s really interesting on the other hand from being very difficult and tragic in the “real” world.

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    • Interesting about your girlfriend’s son. I have two extended family members who are mentally ill, but also psychic more or less in tune with their illness. It’s odd.

      Happy thanksgiving especially to you!

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