Tai Chi Y2D183: Really a Year and a Half

Today as I finished my tai chi practice, I can genuinely say I’ve done this every day for a year and a half. I have no idea if people are shaking their heads that I’ve gone off the deep end, or shaking their heads in wonder.  I hope it’s been inspirational to some, and that people continue to make use of the insights and encouragement I’ve written about along the way.

What this series hasn’t been, is popular. 🙂 You have to go deep into the catalog of popular posts to find even the first of the tai chi posts, which is this one at the end of the first year.  Then the next most popular one is where I reminded you that you have six-pack abs, even if you have a layer of fat on top of that.

Because at their core, one of these posts is much like another. Today is a pretty typical example, really:  I got up after dallying in bed for a while, too long really, and then I did the two qi gong forms.  I plan to do one of those again tonight as I have for the last few days.  Then, I did the tai chi form.  I was off on some of my spins, and I wasn’t as deeply in horse stance as is necessary.  I don’t really feel the tingly sensation I used to associate with chi any more… it’s become part of the background rather than front and center.  But, as Christina mentioned the other day, she knew my posture and my overall healthiness was going to be awesome, and that my emotional and intellectual life would be better than ever.  These things are all true.  But it doesn’t exactly make for thrilling reading, perhaps, except to a select audience.

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