Tai Chi Y2D77: Disconnect

This morning I was seriously distracted during tai chi.  I did the first qi gong form, and then I had a bit of time when I was wandering around the apartment as if looking for something.  I was able to get myself back into the groove and do the second tai chi form, and then I was distracted by some bell or whistle going off in my phone, and I sat down, and started sorting emails.  And then I got up from that, and did the tai chi form.

Except now that I’m done doing the tai chi form, there’s this nagging suspicion in my brain that I didn’t do it right, that I missed a huge section in the middle, and that I skipped over a half-dozen or more steps.  I have no idea why any of this happened today.  It feels bizarre… but it’s not like there’s “missing time” here — I know what happened, and I know I did these things consciously. But where does this come from? Where did it go to? And is this going to become a regular occurrence?

I hope not.

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    • Congratulations, Topher. You’re the 8,000th commenter on this website.

      Agreed about slowing down. But seriously — where does the distraction come from?

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