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Preparing for Tomorrow's Mercury Cazimi
prepatory sketch

Tomorrow is Mercury in Cazimi – an odd astrological moment when the planet Mercury will be directly between the Earth and the Sun during the halfhourish before and after dawn. I found out about this from Chris Warnock’s Astrology email list, and I asked for the Talisman from him, which indeed shows an image akin to what I expected to see. But, he also asked that I not duplicate it or share it publicly. So… Do I use it as a model of my own image? Or do I use it as inspiration for an image that I construct tonight in pencil, and ink and color tomorrow morning?

The latter, I think. I have my own ways of representing the Sun and Mercury, and I know that “Cazimi” means something like “in the heart of the Sun”. And so I think the image should be circular, with many points like a star, and that Mercury should be represented standing with the Sun somehow, with Mercury’s head at the level of the Sun’s heart… Hmm.

Doing all sorts of geometry gets complicated, so I simplified: Here’s the image I eventually created for this window of opportunity.

Via Flickr:

Tomorrow there is an astrological window for Mercury in Cazimi — that is, Mercury in the heart of the Sun. In astrological terms, this is a super moment for Mercury, which in Hermetic teachings is the governor and mediator of God’s power into the world for business, travel, communication, information, knowledge, and suchlike things. Man, I could use a LOT of that in the coming year. But the rule about such images or icons is that they have to reach their final form during the election. So I’ve drawn this image into my notebook for such things, with the idea that I will ink it (and perhaps color it a bit?) during the 45+ minutes I have first thing in the morning, after tai chi, to think about such things.

As you can see, I’ve positioned Mercury’s head directly in front of the Sun’s heart, and the Sun’s solar plexus (ha!) is directly in front of Mercury’s throat. Ok, it’s a little off. But it’s the clear intention for these things to be connected, and they will be in the final image in several ways, I think. The tent on the left represents my poetry and writing work, and the school building on the right represents my teaching career. I’ve got to develop some themes for the boxes around the edges tonight, but the core part of the image is the center.

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