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Now here’s what I wish for.  A school that works like this — where at least part of the goings on of the school is run by the learners.  For instance, you set LCD displays around the school tied into a central low-end computer serving up images.  Encourage students to upload their own art work (or other images that reflect all levels of learning) and allow students and teachers to vote for them.  There would likely need to be some oversight, but that shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate.

The artwork recommended by the most learners gets displayed in a rotating fashion through the school and out, through the school’s web site and perhaps other venues in the community.

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Brilliant idea.  Moreover, it forms a gallery of work, and it reflects what we do in reality.  If you’re a private school, as well, this kind of project and program can act as marketing and recruitment.  “Look what our students do! Look what our students vote on as the best of their work!”

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