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I just learned, from the ThinkQuest website, why we have such a difficult time appropriately funding education.  No surprises here, but it’s a Chinese proverb that I was not aware of.

“If you are thinking a year ahead – plant seeds; If you are thinking 10 years ahead – plant a tree; If you are thinking 100 years ahead – educate the people “

When was the last time anyone you know was thinking a hundred years ahead?  When was the last time you saw somebody do something a hundred years in mind? 

via 2¢ Worth » Think 100 Years Ahead.

Let’s consider it, then, Mr. Warlick.  Let us say that in a century, we want the world to reap the fruits of biotechnology, have a successful and sustainable moon colony, a similar base of operations on Mars, and exploration vessels in the Outer Planets.  We want our atmosphere clean, our oceans rich with aquatic life and less pollution, and a successful globe-spanning culture that provides peace and prosperity for everyone. 

Let us create schools where students learn gardening, biology and molecular biology, humanism, physics, yoga and tai chi, reading and writing (1 skill!) preventative medicine, sex education, astronomy, environmental science, computer programming and calculus, chemistry, and teamwork & conflict-resolution.  

Where’s our first school going to be? Can we open this September?

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